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Get to know Denise Hogarth Nicely

Hogarth Art - Denise Hogarth Nicely - Dallas Tx - Local Artist

Inspiring & Unique Creations.

Artist Denise Hogarth Nicely connects deeply with her work and her soul as she creates. Her intention is that the viewer receives a blessing as they interact with her art. She loves co-creating works with her clients and does her best to design pieces that reflect the patron's ideas in her unique style . This approach develops an inclusivity and a sense of ownership in the process which allows for a truly unique experience with beautiful, congruent art.

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World renown photographer Graham Hobart provides some opinions and thoughts about his experience working with artist Denise Hogarth Nicely.

Meet Denise Hogarth Nicely.

DeniseInspired by her surroundings and with her natural artistic inclinations, Denise began studying art as a child. Now as an adult, with years of experience, creating her unique abstract paintings is the expressive passion of her life. She deeply enjoys working with clients to achieve artistic pieces in spaces that reflect both the clients’ own personalities and Denise’s extraordinary talents.


Born in England, Denise moved to Texas as a young child, and soon thereafter began studying art in grade school. In high school with accolades she won the Plano Art Association Scholarship, which she used to further her art studies and ultimately receive her art degree. In her young adult years she continued her education with local prominent artists, award-winning in their fields of oil and abstract expressionism. She learned technical skills and color theory from these masters and utilized the time honored teachings from the French classical style, honing these talents with realistic oil renderings. Denise learned the valuable skills of rendering subjects such as: animals, people, landscapes (learning how to utilize atmospheric perspective) and still life compositions. During this time Denise also became a professional equestrian building on her studies of equine knowledge, which paid off with her ability to capture the complexities of the horse’s form. Her time with the horses inspired her artwork and challenged her to create art that came alive on the canvas.


Her shift towards abstract expressionism happened as a byproduct of wanting to express her mastery of art principles in a more loose and free style. By using the more abstract elements of her craft, she noticed how much fun it was creating. Also, Denise’s connection to the traditions of the client/patron relationship allows her to enjoy the collaborative process of producing art with her patrons. The work in turn, is very unique with great stories.


Denise uses hand stretched archival canvas from Los Angeles. Additionally, her canvas’ use rust-proof, galvanized staples that do not corrode, therefore no rust will form and stain the canvas. Corners are perfect, 90 degree angles, and the wood is blemish-free and of the highest quality so canvas’ do not warp.


Those who experience her paintings often remark that they connect deeply and have an unique emotional experience, as her work communicates with exceptional grace and profundity.