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Art Show @ Reef Point

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Hogarth Art - Hogarth at Reef Point Yoga

Art Show @ Reef Point

Denise Hogarth Nicely is a local Professional Artist who is well-educated and trained in the principals of art, with significant talent and a passion for how her work touches all those who experience it.

Drawn in by the gorgeous aesthetics and thoughtful flow of the space here at Reef Point, Denise decided to make this the home for her yoga practice in early 2018. Not long after, she recognized that Reef Point was clearly something special when it came to the holistic approach to wellness and quality of instruction.

Being an artist as well as a yogi, Denise recognized and appreciated Reef Point’s use of art to inspire and engage. So it was no surprise when a conversation with her instructor and Reef Point owner Kathi turned toward their mutual love of art.

Soon the intention was set for a custom art installation, integrating Denise’s artistic expression with Kathi’s vison through the holistic intentions of Yoga, Meditation, the Elements and the Chakras. Elemental Integration: The Quintessence of Soul in Aesthetic Flow is the product of their collaboration.

Denise connects deeply with her pieces and her soul as she creates. She specifically set an intention as she painted these pieces for the Reef Point viewers to receive a blessing as they interact with her art. For this collection Denise used materials and paints that give light interplay, create levels of intensity and meaning, and were specially chosen for quality and impact. The collection is significant, expressive, and sure to draw you in. It will inspire your yoga practice as well as your body, mind and soul.

You are invited to experience this Art Exhibition beginning in late August, and will have the opportunity to own many of her pieces at her Art Show & Silent Auction here at Reef Point on Sunday, October 14, 7-9pm. Those who experience Denise’s paintings often remark that they have unique emotional experiences, as her work communicates with exceptional grace and profundity.