Hogarth Art - Denise Hogarth Nicely - Dallas Tx - Local Artist

Meet Denise of Hogarth Art

Denise Hogarth Nicely is a highly gifted commission artist local to the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex. Well-educated and fluent in the principals of art, her unmatched talent is sought after by those wishing to transform their spaces, both business and residential.

Working with clients, Denise designs pieces that incorporate their ideas and needs with her unique talents. Clients enjoy a truly unique co-creating experience resulting in beautiful works which enhance and enrich their spaces.

Denise’s work comes from the culmination of a lifetime of education and experimentation. Denise grew up in Plano, TX, developing deep connections with both her horses and her art. Recognized with awards for her work, she has trained with well-known professionals learning proper artistic technique and design principles. She consistently seeks out new techniques to develop and new materials to use, so that her works continue to be truly distinctive and extraordinary.

Characteristics often found in Denise’s work include the interplay of light, variations of intensity and color, additions of unique materials, and layers of both color and meaning. Those who work with Denise and experience her paintings often remark that they have unique emotional experiences, as her giftedness is truly exceptional and profound.

A few words from a legend

World renown photographer Graham Hobart provides some thoughts and opinions about his experience working with Dallas, Texas artist, Denise Hogarth Nicely.