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Custom Commissions

To start the process, I will meet with the client to establish a design based on their vision and schedule an on-site walkthrough to determine what kind of style will fit best with the space. This one-on-one meeting is so the client can share their likes and dislikes and that I may get acquainted with their personality, values and personal style. From this co-creative process, by aligning with client goals and intentions, I will customize harmonious  art based on the colors and style that best fits their environment.


Once the shape and dimensions are established, I will communicate with my contact based in California who builds custom canvases to fit the desired space. All materials are sustainable and environmentally responsible and can be ordered to meet custom needs. In addition, I always use the highest quality paints for each job.


A 50% deposit is required prior to starting the job and the remainder is due upon delivery of the artwork. My average prices are $2 per square inch but can vary based on materials and time. The consultation process is included in the overall cost of commissioning a piece. Details and prices will be agreed upon during the initial consultation.


I have over 20 years’ of experience creating art. Simply reach out if you need any references!

Recent Client Work